If you’ve been injured in an accident at no fault of your own, the short answer to this question is yes. However, at Hadfield Stieben Doutt we know that no two cases are the same. Your situation may not clearly require an attorney, or you may not know where to start when it comes to speaking to a lawyer. No matter your circumstances, our experienced team is here for you. We understand that a personal injury case can be a traumatic time for you and your family, so we strive to create a streamlined process that leaves you with no added stress.

When an Attorney Is Your Best Bet

Not every case requires the assistance of a personal injury law firm, but expert help never hurts. There are numerous situations in which working with an attorney will significantly increase your chances of earning fair compensation. If any of these circumstances apply to you or a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

  • Your Injury Was Severe: A severe injury could result in long-term disability, leaving you unable to work and provide for your family. In such a case, you’ll need funding to cover medical bills, lost wages, and more.
  • The Insurance Company Acts in Bad Faith: The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies are not on your side after an accident. Oftentimes, they refuse to pay a fair amount or deny victims a settlement at all.
  • Liability Isn’t Clear: Not every case is cut and dry. Sometimes, it isn’t immediately apparent which party is at fault for an accident. An experienced lawyer can gather evidence on your behalf and help come to a beneficial settlement, even if you’re partially at fault.
  • You Have Questions: Any time you’re unclear on your rights or just need some legal counsel, a personal injury lawyer is your best bet.

Get Expert Help You Can Rely on

Working with an attorney means you’ll have the benefit of expert counsel. Of course, you could try to navigate the claims process on your own, but you run the risk of accepting an unfair settlement when you could have earned so much more. Our team is here to take the stress off of you in this already trying time. We’ll protect your legal interests throughout the entire case, unlike the insurance companies that would rather pay out less than your claim is worth.

Worry About Recovery Rather than Legal Proceedings

Starting legal proceedings right after a car or truck accident can add an undue burden to your plate. Especially if you’ve landed in the hospital with serious injuries, you don’t want to worry about the status of your claim as well. After you consult with us, we’ll start taking care of all the details on your behalf. With our help, you can place all your focus on recovering from the accident rather than stressing over legal concerns.

You Can’t Put a Price on Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing a personal injury attorney is peace of mind. You have plenty to worry about, whether it’s your own recovery or the health of an injured loved one. Our team can handle all the paperwork, evidence gathering, and contact with insurance companies, so you don’t need to worry. We’re experts in a range of personal injury cases, so you can be sure we understand the ins and outs of your specific case.

A Wide Variety of Practice Areas

Personal injury is a broad category encompassing all kinds of accidents. Fortunately, our team is well-versed in many of these practice areas. Simply schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys and explain your circumstances. From there, we’ll let you know if you have a viable case and get to work gathering evidence on your behalf. In years past, we’ve worked on cases of all kinds, including:

Get in Touch with Us Today

Whether you’ve been involved in an accident yourself or you’re acting on behalf of an injured loved one, Hadfield Stieben Doutt is ready to consult with you. We understand the emotional, physical, and mental effects of a personal injury case, and we make every effort to ensure you feel comfortable in our office. Our three seasoned attorneys are here to help you build a solid case and get you the compensation you need to restore normalcy to your life. We’re proud to serve Fort Collins and the whole of Northern Colorado. Contact us today to set up a time for your free consultation.