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Professional Personal Injury Lawyers in Fort Collins, CO

Hadfield Stieben Doutt – Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys

An injury caused by an accident isn’t limited to physical pain. Personal injury can include financial losses and emotional suffering as well. Emotional stress can be intensified if you are unsure what your rights are as a victim or feel like you are going up against big insurance companies alone. As an experienced personal injury law firm, Hadfield Stieben Doutt provides compassionate representation for accident victims in Fort Collins and the rest of Northern Colorado to get their rightful compensation.

Free Personal Injury Law Consultations

Our personal injury representation starts with a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the details of our client’s cases. We get to know our clients as people while fully understanding the accident and physical and emotional injuries they’ve sustained. We strive to get the full compensation you deserve in a settlement or a victory in court if trial is a necessity. Our personal injury firm handles cases on a contingency fee, which means you do not pay legal fees to us if we do not recover any money for you from your accident.

Personal Injury Attorney Services 

Auto Accidents – With more cars on the road each year, heavily congested streets, and distracted drivers, car accident injuries remain a major cause of personal injury for motorists in Northern Colorado. Visit our auto accidents page to learn about the various auto, truck, and pedestrian cases we handle.

Bicycle Accidents – Bicycling is an excellent form of exercise and a better mode of transportation for the environment. But unfortunately, bicyclists are at risk of being victims in accidents from negligent motorists, loose dogs, and dangerous conditions. Even with the increase in designated bike lanes in cities and towns, motorists sometimes fail to watch for cyclists and follow the rules of the road. Learn how we can get you compensation for injuries and your damaged bike.

Dog Bites – Dog bites happen for various reasons and are often from dogs who have shown no signs of aggressiveness before the attack. Loose dogs also cause injuries by knocking down cyclists or walkers.  Visit our dog bite injury page to learn how to avoid potentially dangerous dogs and your rights if you’ve suffered a dog bite whether on the job or while in public.

Insurance Disputes – Whether you have homeowners, automobile, commercial liability, or renters insurance, your insurance company is obligated to provide you with coverage based on your policy agreement. Learn how the personal injury attorneys at HSD Law can help when the insurance company wrongly denies or underpays your claim.

Motorcycle Accidents – While motorcycles only make up 3% of Colorado vehicles, they are involved in 15-20% of vehicle accidents. If you ride a motorcycle and have been in a collision with another vehicle in Northern Colorado, we are experienced with various claims and injuries to get you the compensation you deserve.

Slip and Fall – You shouldn’t have to suffer due to the negligence of other property owners. Whether there are dangerous conditions inside or outside the property that caused you to trip, slip, or fall, you have rights as a victim. You deserve compensation for medical bills, missed work, and pain and suffering. Visit our slip and fall page to learn about common scenarios and injuries from these types of personal injuries.

Truck Accidents – Trucking is an essential industry in Northern Colorado, but along with trucks on the road come the potential for accidents with other smaller vehicles. Truck companies invest heavily in legal and insurance representation. They will start investigating and preparing to defend against your claim immediately after the collision. We know the important steps to take to protect your rights.

Wrongful Death – Losing a loved one in an accident or due to a dangerous condition is especially painful because it could have been prevented. Wrongful death claims are a special type of claim. Different laws apply and special compensation is available. Visit our wrongful death page to learn more about the special rules and rights that apply in these circumstances.

Do You Need to Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The personal injury lawyers at Hadfield Stieben Doutt are proud to represent clients in Northern Colorado and work tirelessly for victims’ rights. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact our accident law firm in Fort Collins, CO, to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today!